Benefits of Membership

Advantages of being a PNWCTA member.

Guy -treeMembers have the opportunity to join with other Christmas tree growers, buyers, retailers, educators and suppliers to exchange ideas, information and methods.

Members have the advantage of market exposure at the September Tree Fair and Trade Show where Buyers and Sellers traditionally meet. It features industry equipment and supplies on display as well as retail lot demonstrations, research and marketing information and much more! The PNWCTA Tree Fair and Trade Show is the largest show of its kind in our industry.

Members may also attend the Short Course seminar and the Summer Meeting and Farm Tour. At each event experts discuss topics such as new growing and harvesting methods, pesticide and safety information, business practices and tax implications for those involved in our industry.

For just $50, members have the opportunity to be listed in the annual Buy-Sell Directory which places the sellers' name, contact information and trees available before prospective buyers across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The Directory is published in April and is offered, free of charge, to interested buyers nationwide.

Members receive a 15 percent discount on advertising in the Christmas Tree Lookout and the Buy-Sell Directory. Members receive the Christmas Tree Lookout magazine as part of their membership dues. The Lookout contains informative articles on all aspects of the Christmas tree industry as well as information on Association activities. The Lookout is considered the top publication of its kind in the Christmas tree industry

LookoutFor $50, Choose & Cut members may list in a colorful Guide which is distributed free of charge throughout Oregon and Washington during the holiday season. The Guide includes a map and provides name, address and phone number, trees available and services offered. It is offered free to the public through various community organizations, radio, newspapers, television and is on our website.

Members receive an annual Membership Directory. The Directory is a ready resource containing helpful information such as fellow member contact information as well as types of trees or services that they provide.

Members receive discounted group rates on liability insurance for retail lots and/or Choose & Cut operations.

Members may take advantage of a November Hotline which informs last-minute buyers which growers still have trees available.

All members have the opportunity to purchase a mailing list of potential buyers. The list is kept current and contains several thousand names of interested buyers and can be sorted by state and/or zip code.

Meeting2A Retailer Committee investigates questions of interest on the consumer level such as lot operation, keepability, marketing and liability insurance.

The Research Committee is responsible for selecting research subjects and directing ensuing studies. It has guided research on subjects of major interest to growers such as tree diseases, Douglas-fir and noble fir provenance tests, clone development, stress in tree growth and quality, soil management and seedling research.

Members also receive the benefit of marketing backup such as retail ads, brochures and public relations in national consumer magazines. Additionally, the Marketing Committee is responsible for the national promotion of the Association's Buy-Sell Directory to wholesale Christmas tree buyers.

Through the Tree Industry Partnership (TIP) program, PNWCTA members contribute to the National Christmas Tree Association. These funds support ongoing national industry programs including legislative representation in Washington D.C., public relations effort with schools and media stations, coordination of municipal recycling efforts with the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) and many other industry programs.